What Is The Best Time of Year to Sell My Home in the Austin Area?



You, like many other homeowners may have had the thought from time to time about the best time of year to sell your home. The best answer to that question in my opinion ( without being facetious) is when you are ready to sell!
Residential properties sell every month throughout the year in the Austin Metro area.

“Normal” Sales Volume Seasonality

There is some fairly predictable seasonality in sales volume per month in the Austin, Texas metro area that can be seen in the graph above. The graph shows sales from zip code 78641 from October 2015 to October 2017. Our sales patterns typically follow a standard bell curve with sales peaks in the months of March through July with lower sales volumes in the months of September through February.

Advantages of Selling Outside of the High Season

There are advantages to selling outside of the busiest months. While overall sales are lower during this period, inventory levels are also lower so you will have fewer competitive listings for the Buyers that are looking for a home to purchase.

Fundamentals and Details Matter

The same sound selling and marketing principals that are vital to selling in the busier seasons are also fundamental to successfully selling during the less busy times of the year.

Professional Photos

Using a pro to photograph your property is a must to present your property in its best light even in tight inventory markets. Most Sellers want me to help them maximize their opportunities for the highest contract sales price in the shortest time frame. Poor photography saddles the marketing effort from the beginning of the listing period.Properties with acreage or impressive settings benefit from aerial drone photography and video.

Pre Listing Review

A knowledgeable Broker or Agent will review your property with an eye towards areas that need attention before hitting the market to facilitate offers and to maximize contract sales price. Better to correct issues before listing rather than reacting during the sales process. Having a pre-inspection is a strategy that is sometimes beneficial. Buyers are going to have an inspection, and our Seller’s Disclosure forms require that copies of previous inspections initiated by the Seller within the last four years be made available to potential Buyers.

Market Analysis

It is imperative that you receive an accurate and in-depth market analysis so that you know where to price your home. You need to see what comparative properties have sold for, how long they were on the market and how your property stacks up against those properties. It is also important to see where competitive active listings are priced and actual days on market.

Broker / Agent Follow Up Communication and Negotiation Skills

Effective communication between Listing Broker / Agent and Seller’s is vital, so you know how showing’s are going and what if any, Buyer feedback is being communicated. Of course, the end goal is to receive an offer or multiple offers, get under contract, and Close! I recently had a Listing with Multiple Offers where I emailed all Agents that we were in a multiple offer situation and that my Clients were asking for best and highest Offers by X date and time. One of the Buyer Agent’s never responded to the email. Was his submitted offer his Client’s best and highest? We will never know and needless to say; my Clients chose a revised offer from another Buyer.


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