Remove Barriers To Sell Your Central Texas Home Quickly And For The Best Price

Think HOPP when it comes to selling your home! 

H-HoursRemove Barriers to Sell Your Home!
O- Odors
P- Presentation
P- Pets

Follow these basic principles to help maximize your homes sales prices and minimize the length of time your property is on the market.Even in a Seller’s market, it stands to reason that you reach more potential Buyers by removing barriers to the sales process.

Hours – Flexible Hours Make it Easier for Potential Buyers to See Your Home

Buyers are available to see properties in the evenings and on the weekends. Don’t be the seller that insists on a varying and a super complicated showing schedule that requires a spreadsheet to determine showing availability.
Some listings have so many showing time restrictions that it makes it difficult to even get  Buyer Clients in the door to see the property, much less make an offer should they like it!


Odors – We Can’t Sell It, If They Can Smell It

There are multiple reasons why homes do not sell within market parameters. High on the list many times is a strong or offending odor in the home. When selling a previous home, my wife and I were advised to remove pet beds when our home was being shown. We had grown accustomed to the smell of the dog’s beds, but thankfully our Realtor brought the odor problem to our attention. Humans olfactory sense triggers memories in a profound manner. I have had many Buyer’s speak negatively about homes on a property tour by referring to a home’s offensive odor as the home’s only identifying characteristic. Besides cleaning and deodorizing, purchasing a wax warmer with a soft scent like cinnamon is also a smart investment.


Presentation – Keep Potential Buyers Focused On Architectural Details 

Kitchens and bathrooms should be inspected daily and be in tip-top shape at all times while your home is listed for sale. Purchase some inexpensive shower caddies for everyone in the family. Family members can put their sundries in their shower caddy and stash those under the vanities after showering and bathing so that bathrooms look clean and tidy for potential buyers.
Lastly, turn on all overhead lights, all lamps and all ceiling fans for showings. Stay on top of replacing burnt out light bulbs.

Keeping your home show ready is a stress-reducer. Vacuum and dust daily so you do not have to do “ panic-cleaning” because a Buyer is in town for one more hour and wants to see your home.
Don’t succumb to putting off routine cleaning. The minute you decide to do a chore later is the time when a Buyer will want to see your home. Buyer’s look everywhere so stashing the dirty dishes in the oven is not an a great option!


Pets – No One Loves Your Pet Quite Like You Do

Pets are another subject area where Sellers many times unknowingly put up roadblocks to the sales process. No one loves your pet like you do, especially potential buyers that are looking at your home. Most Buyer’s and their Agents are not interested in taking care of your pets while viewing your property. Yet, every day I see Listings with instructions similar to; “ Dog, Brutus, will be loose in the home” or “Simba, the cat, will be inside laundry room, do not let out.

Many times, Seller’s leave dogs in a fenced backyard with instructions for buyers not to enter the backyard. Buyers will want to go in the backyard, they want to see all the rooms of the home that they might be purchasing. Limiting access to rooms and areas of the property is an impediment to the sales process.
Make arrangements for your pet that do not involve potential Buyers or their Agents. Yes, it can be a pain, but having a Buyer’s Agent deal with pets is distracting during the showing experience and it is a potential source of liability for Sellers. The single best option for showings, is to remove your pets from the property for showings. Crating your pets is a distant second best alternative plan.
Ask your Listing Agent to inform Buyer’s Agents to text or call as they are departing so you know when you may return.


By removing  barriers to the sales process, you allow Buyer’s to focus on the architectural details of your home and the other details of the property.
I take these ideas a step farther by providing professional staging services for my listing Clients.
Make it easy for Buyers and their Agents to view your home, so they make an offer. Keep it clean, tidy and smelling great while your home is on the market.

Happy Selling!

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